Friday, April 30, 2010

Entryway Revamp

The entryway to our apartment has a lot of storage but not a lot of style. When we first moved in the khaki curtain wasn't hung and you could see all the great kitchen appliances we have stored there. It wasn't exactly the kind of welcome I like to give as you enter our space. Since I had this curtain rod and panel from past apartments I put it up, but felt like the space needed a little life.
Being on a tight budget, I knew I needed to get the most bang for my buck on this project. I went to a few sewing stores around town in search of a large scale pattern. As soon as I found this fabric, at my new favorite store Fancy Tiger crafts, I knew it would do the trick.
It's a simple panel that really gives this space some personality. I even had a little fabric left over and used it to make my dog, Izzy, a stylish scarf.

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