Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trials of Sewing - Chef's Apron

If you get the daily emails from etsy, you too will have a list of projects on your mind. Lately mine have been of sewing. I've always liked to make things and some of the most gratifying have been home decor sewing projects. Since I haven't had any formal sewing training since 7th grade home economics, I've continued with the 'Sew straight line' projects. The latest comes from a combination of my last post of trying new recipes and something that's not just a home accent.I actually winged it on this project (no pattern or measuring). Next time I'll use this as a start but will make some modifications in size. It's great for me but would be short for anyone taller than 5'2".

Finding a fabric was one of the challenges. There were a few criteria I had in mind; First, the pattern had to have a fun but bold graphic. Second, I didn't want to spend a lot of money (total cost: $10.00). Third, it had to coordinate with the kitchen colors so I could 'display' my final product. Next adventures in sewing I'm going to try to actually use a pattern. Stay tuned...

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